How to Choose the Best Sixth Form?

Parents want the best for their children and the best education is at the top of this list. It all start with pre-school and this search for the finest education does not stops until university. As a parent, you decided that your child must attend a sixth form, they have the grades, the skills and they start applying. After a while they received several invitations and it is time to decide which one to accept. What is the criteria necessary for such a big decision?


All of the Birmingham sixth form have several opportunities for children but you must focus on those that will help your children achieve their goals. Is your kid interested on sports? Look for the sixth form with competitive sports programs. Is your kid an artist? Some schools are interested on entrants with these skills and they have programs to encourage them to follow that passion. Perhaps you want work opportunities for your kid once they finish the sixth form, then learn about the alliances the school has.

Sixth forms usually prepare students for certain universities, if your kid has a school in mind, find a college that has links with it.


One of the requirements for new entrants is to live nearby the campus, Birmingham sixth form colleges have a node system and only take students from certain areas. Before applying for a sixth form college, consider if this is a requirement.

The surroundings are as important as the college itself, do a little research to determine what kind of facilities are around. Students are most likely to get involved on extracurricular activities if they are near the campus.


Every sixth form college offer different options when it comes to their curriculum, some may have a wider variety than others and you should familiarize yourself with the alternatives. Before you choose one, make sure the curriculum cover the subjects that your kid wish to study.

Ask your Kid

Parents know best but it does not mean they should not ask for their kid’s opinion. Sit down with your options and ask what they think, perhaps they want something different from you and you should listen to them. Forcing your children to attend the sixth form of your choosing will lead to frustration and they will not perform at their best.

Take time to have a conversation with them, you may want what is best for them but it is their life after all.